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The site is not working currently we are working on the problem the .net version tis working fine

K-9 Immunity stock

K9 immunity was out of stock at Aloha last time I checked but I will have some in next week.

Availabilty on the Wirral

I am no longer available at the Heswall address but any looking into seeing clients elsewhere in August

I found that working with Medivet did not work for me. If you want a home visit or to come to me at my office at home we can arrange this. Please use the contact form or email me with a history.



CAM 4 Animals

The RCVS Royal Collage of Veterinary Surgeons have made it a lot harder for pets to be treated using not only Homeopathy but other Complementary Modalities. The BAHVS are campaigning against this reduction of choice.

I use both complementary and conventional medicines depending on the case and client preference If you can support us please do so

Changes to the Shop

We have now teamed up with ECWID to produce a new shopping experience for customers which I hope you will find more user friendly.

As yet there are no new products on there but I hope you will like it.
You can read all about the product we sell on the product listing or just search through the shop if you know what you want.

We use Stripe to process card payments securely and the whole site is on a secure server.

I will be adding more information on the blog over the coming days or see our Facebook site

Raw Feeding - How safe is it??

You may have seen articles in the press recently questioning the

Evidence for the benefits of Raw Feeding Pets

The Safety of Raw Feeding both to the pet and the owner

See this article in the Veterinary Record

I listen to the seminar or webinar given by Mike Davies MRCVS a vet with much experience of pet nutrition, having worked for Hills

He pints of the risks of raw feeding to be

Bones - getting stuck in the gut or perforating the gut

Food poisoning - He quotes the fact that the following bacteria as well as some viruses are found in raw meat and could give both pet and carer food poisoning:


E Coli



as some rarer bugs

Raw meat for the butcher or frozen pet foods do have bacteria on the surface and in the case of ground up products the surface contamination is mixed into the substance of the package.
So yes there is a risk. Freezing does not kill all bacteria, it does most worms and protozoa and reduces the number of bacteria.

Reputable pet food manufacturers will…